Snowman on the Pitcher's Mound is a poignant, funny, compassionate and entertaining new novel for children ages 8 and up and their families that tells the life story of 10 year-old Tyler Paulson, a Little Leaguer from a small town in Iowa who is coping with the cancer diagnosis of his mom. The story, which has a contemporary setting, is told Tyler’s own voice and in a life-affirming, accessible and often humorous way. With this book, author Jamie Reno, an award-winning writer, cancer survivor and patient advocate, hopes to help young readers and their parents understand a child’s natural course of anger, frustration, confusion, sadness and fear when dealing with parental illness and loss. Despite the obviously serious subject, the book is filled with humor and joy. This is a book that both boys and girls will love and embrace, and so will their parents. Reno says the inspiration for this book, his first novel, was his young daughter, Mandy. “I’ve had many conversations with my daughter about what it’s like for her to have a daddy who’s battled cancer,” Jamie says. “And as a patient advocate I’ve learned that the child is often the forgotten victim when a parent gets sick. The child has so many questions and emotions and often has nowhere to go with these feelings. With this book, I hope to reach these kids, and their parents. I want to facilitate a dialogue that may not otherwise take place."
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"Sensitive, thoughtful, humorous, and poignant."

Michael Werner Director, Lymphoma Research Foundation

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